System Monitoring - How does yours look?

Looks great except your temperature is in the wrong format :wink:

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It’s really annoying that you can’t have ºF and ºC. I like my outside temp in ºF and device temps in ºC. Oh well. I’m ok with this though.

Why not using a sensor template to convert from F to C or vice versa? That should be quite easy, I guess

HA automatically takes any temperature and converts it to your system temperature units. I have my system units set as ºF. I suppose I could remove the conversion in a template, keep it with ºF in the graphs and just change the display on the card. But that’s not worth the effort IMO.

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I thought that with a template sensor, HA won’t know that you are reading are really a temperature sensor

If you don’t add units yes that will happen. But if you want to track the information and you want it treated as a number so it will graph, you need to add a unit. As soon as you add a temperature unit, it will convert the result into your system units. You could add fake units so the history graph will show, but then you’d still need to change the units on the display using a custom card and overwriting the builtin units.

Kind of late to the party but I this inspired me to make a better system monitoring page that is actually useful! Here is it:

Mostly the basics, but the washer/dryer charts are only a short term thing to fine tune my automations for when the notifications send. Since they are pretty old units their energy usage tends to spike when idle for seemingly no reason. Also my NAS is just another RasPi 3 running OMV and I was wondering if anyone had any experience pull more data from there. Currently I just have HA pinging the IP to check if its still online but I would like to pull more info on if all the file shares are up and which ones are actively being used.


How did you create those min/max cards with the graph at the bottom? I would love to use those in my setup.

There are some examples here: Day and Night


You can also get them to show different colors for different ranges of value which I like as well! I have them turn red when the washer/dryer are in use. But I also use one for a barometer that turns yellow when its approaching higher pressure or falling from higher pressure. image


That’s cool… I’ll have to implement that!

Had to go for round two after seeing some great ideas in here. The netdata component is now one of my favs and I managed to get multiple plex users listed nicely now with the entity attributes card.

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Sure here’s my config


Can you share this configuration ?

Hi, how did you got the Nabu Casa cloud status, if the “Cloud” is Nabu casa in Hassio status? Thanx

This is my WIP :slight_smile:

How did you get download and upload usage stats for your internet eg. Gb used per month upload and download? Did you use SNMP?

Yeah I used SNMP :slight_smile: I reset my router on the 1st of the month to clear the stats, until I can find a cleaner way.

SNMP is pretty handy for those with routers that support it.

How are you getting the Ping values? I guess it’s a command line sensor that pings google or something like that?