System time and activity time different?

Hi all,

First post here, fairly new HA user but enjoying it (in a frustrating sort of way at times). :wink:

I have loads of questions I’ve been unable to resolve by trial-at-error or searching the database so I would like some guidance please.

RPi, std image, generally all running well, 22 devices (Sonoff, Lidl (Tuya), Ikea (Tradfri lights and remotes) etc).

The first issue, from a ‘You can manage what you can measure’ POV, is that if I set something to come on at 10:30 and go off at 23:00 it does so perfectly, it’s just from the graph of said activity it came on at 11:30 and off at 01:00? I put a card on my Dashboard that displays the date and time and that’s correct, as is the date and time on my PC etc. The timezone in Config > General is set to Europe/London which is correct. Playing with that changes the apparent time but not the timing on the activity logs etc (like the on/off bar or graphs). I added the Terminal add-on and the time there is also correct?

I have seen several references to this issue but none of the solutions offered (that I understood or knew how to implement) have worked so far? ;-(

Is there an easy fix for this please or do I just have to subtract 1hr from everything I see? ;-(

Cheers, T i m

p.s. I’m not really a coder but have installed the text editor and Samba addons so can get to all the config files.

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