Tabletop tablet dock solutions?

I’m new to HA, recent OpenHAB convert, and have been looking for a table top table docking solution.

The idea I’m trying to mimic is what’s at the Aria in Vegas (in case you don’t know what I’m referring to -

I’ve traced this hardware to the company that resells it and don’t think it’s a feasible solution and I know that Aria’s implementation is based on Control4 - I am not looking to implement any of that. I simply want to be able to have a tablet on a dock/stand of some sort that I could have in various places such as the living room table, night stand, kitchen counter, etc where the table could be used for quick taps on a HA dashboard or picked up from the dock and used for more extensive HA interaction or anything else a tablet is good for.The desired solution would also charge the tablet without requiring the user to mess with any dongles or mini usb cables. Just pickup, use and drop in when done.

The newly announced Amazon Show mode for their Fire tablets and the associated dock/stand seems like it might be a viable solution but I don’t want the show “app” to be the default when the tablet is in the stand nor do I want the tablet to exit whatever mode it is in while seated in the tablet and show the main tablet screen with app icons when it’s removed from the dock - these are both default behavior and it seems to be too new for me to find any information about overriding this behavior. If I could make it a generic Android table I think that would serve my purposes.

Anyone see or aware of any alternative solutions?



Use a magnetic charger, glue it to the back of the tablet.

Build your own dock, or 3d print it.

What about this ?

Interesting solution but likely cost prohibitive since I can’t find pricing on their site, only links to get a quote which isn’t a good sign normally. It’s been a while since I originally posted this and now that I’ve had a chance to start this project and work with HA more, the tablets aren’t as important as I’d originally thought. We use automations and voice control mainly. The tablets I do have are Fire tablets in show mode charging stands running Fully Kiosk. It works great on the 10” but there are some quirks on the 8” that I need to work through. But even these tablets are rarely if ever used for HA interaction but rather to view security cameras or as a fancy nightstand clock/weather screen. I just don’t seem to have the “mount it to a wall” use case I thought I would. Perhaps there are uses out there I haven’t thought of that would change that, I’d love to hear from anyone that has such a scenario.

I would think intercom/open the door/camera thingy, which this system provides

The cost is around 500$ could only find it on alibaba, it’s more of a professional solution than a DYI one
But I agree it’s a bit too expensive