Tablets that work well with Lovelace


I’ve tried to read up on this topic - but I’m looking for 10" tablets to use as controlpanels for my Lovelace configuration. I’ve tried 7" but I think they are too small. 8" might work in a few rooms, but 10" is preferred. Can anybody let me know what they are using that isn’t feeling “slugish”? Primarily I’ll use them for Lovelace, but will also be connected to a doorbell etc so they are the control panel for the house.
I’ve looked at Fire HD 10, but they are a bit expensive to get to Norway after tax and customs for this use if I buy them new.

Any suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:


I have a yotopt 10" with android 7, quad core, 2gb ram, front white color and back gold… it’s nice, works fine and it’s cheap, around 80€…

Good question. I am also interested in this subject.
Screen size is important but also screen resolution, how much you will be able to fit on the screen.

Where did you buy yours from and what about the resolution?
Do you use the lovelace directly in a Chrome browser or do you use Ariela?

Amazon, 800x1280, fully kiosk browser :wink:

And no noticeable lag when pushing buttons or so in Lovelace?
Is it the official Google Store (Play Store) on it?

I just got a tablet home from China - looks good, decent build quality but a modded ROM with some fishy things on it. So far I haven’t had any luck rooting / install another ROM on it.

If using Fully Kiosk, be aware that most Amazon Fire tablets do not work with a lot of the custom cards for Lovelace. If the custom lovelace card is of type:module, the version of webview that is used by the Amazon Fire cannot render them. Only those lovelace cards of type:js will work. I can’t say all Fire tablets because I haven’t tried the absolute newest models, but I haven’t heard of anyone that has had success with type: module on ANY Fire tablets when using Fully Kiosk.

Personally, I love using Lenovo Tab 4 10 as a good compromise between price and performance.

Well my lovelace is very simple but there is no lag… fkb is free for the most part, you can give it a try

Sounds good. I do already have it running on a small Tablet. It runs okay, but the lack of memory seems to be the issue for my part.

But thanks, will look for the tablet on Amazon.

What do you think on this topic today?

I am looking for 10“ screens and a wall mount solution. They should be able to do all lovelace cards incl. smoothly display surveillance cam video.

What are your suggestions?

Would a Lenovo tab E10 be sufficient ? Other suggestions <100€ ?

Attached a URL where you can buy a great flat USB charger. This will fit perfect with this wallmount.

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