Tackling the Energy crisis - UK Gas systems advice

This is HA related in that like all of us I’ve got many energy saving devices and automations installed to try and reduce the amount of energy the house is using.

I’m after some advice on the gas systems used in the UK.

My question is how long do you have your hot water heating on each day? We’ve got ours set to 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening but after doing some small amount of research it seems excessive.

The boiler heats up the water in the tank and when that’s used there’s no more. But what I don’t know is how long that takes given the boiler/tank size used. If I can reduce this down to 2 hours a day instead of 6 that would be great.

But wondered what other people in the UK had this set to before I begin changing anything and upsetting the household :joy:

You have boilers running on gas in the UK?

That we do yes.

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Never heard of a gas hot water tank I’ve only ever seen electric but I’m no plumber lol
I suppose it’s just a case of reducing the amount of heating time until you get to the point where there’s not enough.
Are you not in a position to replace it with a combi boiler so you only heat up what you need then.

Maybe I’m confusing things. The boiler heats the water in the hot water tank. We’ve got an emersion switch too for when the boiler fails. Just trying to work out how long to have the boiler on to heat the water in the tank.

Guess it’s trial and error and upsetting the family :smiley:

You could measure the water levels with some kind of smart device and then get a month’s worth or data to work out how much water is used and go from there.

oooo interesting :thinking: