Tado heat demand

Hi there,

I have a tado thermostat setup and was wondering if it somehow was possible,
to enable the thermostat to require heating from the boiler while the temperature is above the set temperature of the thermostat.

The reason being. That my thermostat is in the livingroom which means if my livingroom is at the set temperature the heater will be turned off. This in turn stops me from heating another room in the house which has not reached the set temperature.

If this isn’t possible are there other solutions i could use?


Normally in that situation you would adjust your TRVs on your living room radiator(s) down.
So say if your living room radiator is set on 5 dial it down to 3 then it wouldn’t get as hot.
But you can also create a automation in home assistant that keeps it on until the other rooms have caught up but then that would make your living room temp too high.