Tado integration changed?

After the latest HA assistant update, the Tado integration seems to be changed.
Before there was the temperature dial, and underneath, there were 3 buttons to switch from manual, off or calendar.
And now those buttons have dissapeared.

Any ideas on how to get these buttons back ??

Tado Integration is same. What is changed is card for thermostat. Now you have options to enable modes buttons, when you are editing card.

Thanks, I finally found how to add the options, as it is well hidden.
I clicked on the configuration button, but there was no way there to add those buttons.
Then I looked in the yaml code, nothing there either.

It is only when I put the dashboard in edit mode and then also the thermostat card in edit mode that I could add the buttons.

It`s all in breaking changes, remember to read those before upgrading :wink:

It looks like breaking changes has been declared a breaking change :wink:, they seem to call it backward-incompatible changes now