Tado Integration setup not working


I have used Tado integration happyli now for about 6 months or so. Yeasterday I deciced to try to update the “remote” model because tado was missing some featerus that my AC has. So i restarted the ac setup and tado did manage to find me a new “remote” which has more options than it had before (horizontal and vertical swing and fan mode). I use to be able to control temperature, modes, and fan speed from HA.

Now that I changed to tado settings and got more options to it, I lost fan speed settings from HA and temperature settings and mode settings won’t work anymore besides “off” and “auto” modes. From Tado, everything works great.

What can I do? I’ve updated everything, restarted, deleted, installed etc. Also took away the “fallback mode” from the integration as was suggested somewhere.

Anybody? Ideas? Github?