TANIX Tx3 vs Rpi 4 - 4GB Ram

Hi All,

I had my HA running for almost a year in a RPI4 (with 120GB SSD) after months and months of issues with my previous Rpi3. However, due to some increasing suggestions, and some performance issues with the RPi4, I moved to a TANIX TX3 installation. Restored a backup (unfortunatly lost MARIADB on the restore - seems to be a common issue) but the system is up and running for 2 months already.
Performance wise I don’t see much difference, maybe slightly faster to startup. however I do see some new issues with HTTP requests (ex. Wibee integration) failing more than before.

All this to ask: do anyone has clear comparisson between Tx3 and RPi4? what do you recommend?

I really liked my RPi hardware since I had a 52Pi Hat UPS that was a nice addon.

Would be surprised that there would be actual performance issues with a RPi4.
The TANIX seems to be in the same category of hardware (ARM Quad SoC), so I definitely wouldn’t expect any significant difference on performances.

Those hardware are actually edging overkill just for HA.