Tasmota Chart Detail becomes colored categorical chart rather than line chart


When setting up HA i noticed a strange behaviour that i couldn’t explain.

When looking at the details of this chart (Tasmota Sensor):

It will look like this:


Rather than this:


I couldn’t figure out what is causing this behaviour.

Thanks for your input.

Best Regrads,


You get the bar chart when there is no unit of measurement defined.

Judging by the icon, it looks as if your sensor has no device class.

Thanks for the feedback. I am afraid I am a bit lost on how to fix this issue (short term and long term).

Important to mention that I run HA Core in a Docker Container.

Your suggestions did work, however, only for a few minutes. I added device_class and unit_of_measurement here /developer-tools/state. The chart is now displaying correctly. After a few minutes my changes though my changes are gone.

How can I make the change permanent? I couldn’t locate the corresponding yaml file.

Tell your device to send the values correct with unit of measurement / device class / state class to HA.

In esphome this would be something like:

  - platform: pzemac
      name: "PZEM-004T V3 Power"
      unit_of_measurement: W
      device_class: power
      state_class: measurement



I always avoid to send incomplete data to HA as it will just raise complexity and prone to fail.

For Tasmota it looks like it’s intended to don’t send the unit of measurement in your case: :point_down:

Units in SML to HA · arendst/Tasmota · Discussion #13845 · GitHub

For energy monitoring, the implied units are same as used on the front page of Tasmota, V/Hz/A/W/VA/VAr/%/KWh. These are not passed.

So if you not able to teach Tasmota to send the measurement unit with the value you need to work’a’around it within HA and the customize.yaml like explained in the githubs (and in this forum). :point_up:

Thanks a lot for the detailed repsonse. I was a bit puzzled since I always assumed Tasmota did send the units of measurement. After all, I remember not having to touch anything before. After inspecting the MQTT message, I saw there is not unit of measurement in the message. I followed the instructions to use the customize.yaml and now everything is working.