Tasmota ESP32S2 Mini Integration Wrong

So long story short i compiled a version of tasmota to work with my esp32s2, and have an oled display and i2c sensors connected. Also a piece of ws2812 led strip. In total i have 3 things to control the onboard led, the oled on/off, and led strip. The thing is i got all of this working but for some stupid reason (that is what i want to have fixed) have the controls for the led strip ie color, mode,… mounted (idk if that is the word) to the 3 button (oled on or off) in homeassistant not to the 2 that turns on or off the led strip. But like it works it just annoying. I am a beginner using te tasmota integration, i didn’t write a word yet in yaml. I have some general idea of what i am doing but not mutch.