Tasmota Ledlight - configuration in NodeRed - SOLVED

Hey there.

I had a configuration for toggle a light at a certain brightness but now its not working. This is the light.
I like to toggle the light in NodeRed, and that I can do but I like to switch it on in same setting every time.

Effect: Solid
Brightness: 255
Color_mode: white

I had a config but its deleted, didnt work. Now I got this but it still dont work:

    "color_mode": "white",
    "brightness": "255",
    "effect": "Solid"

Please help! Thanks

When looking at the light service call color_mode is not listed as a key white is. So possibly

"white": "true" instead? If not set the bulb to white, hs_color should be 0, 100 or 100, 0 and use that to turn the bulb white.

This also didn´t work:

    "white_value": "150",
    "brightness": "150"


    "white": "true",
    "brightness": "255"

If I press button “W” (warmwhite) on the remote for the light this code shows up:

  - Solid
  - Wake up
  - Cycle up
  - Cycle down
  - Random
  - hs
  - white
icon: mdi:led-strip-variant
friendly_name: Led Masterbed
supported_features: 36
color_mode: white
brightness: 204
effect: Solid

It is a light implemented via Tasmota and it has a dedicated warmwhite-led.

Thats why “color_mode: white”


I looked in the Console of the Tasmota light and found when I have pressed the “W”-button (WarmWHITE) it gave “WHITE:” a number. So I played around and found that White: and a number is also how many percent the diming should be.


    "white": "80",
    "effect": "Solid"
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