Tasmota light issue started up

So, I re-did a fresh install of HA to a pi5. I got all my light switches updated to 9.1.0 so they could work with the new updated HA (my last one was really old). I got everything working. After a few months i started to lose the ability for HA to control certain lights. I have treatlife switches 3way, 2way, and dimmable 2way. I have multiple of both all with tasmota 9.1.0. My lights that are not working include at least one of each kind of light switch I have. However, I have several of each kind working as well. I have checking all the settings and they are identical to it twin light that is working. HA will update the state and know it did not work and change it back, but it will not change the state of the light itself. I can change the light in tasmota directly not using HA. When I change a light that is working i can see the change on the MQTT console of the light itself. If I look at the identical twin that is not working, I don’t see that same activity. I just don’t know why. Let me know what data I can post to help with solving this issue.


I have the same switches, mostly still on Tasmota 9.5. Check the value of the SLEEP command at the console. I had a few switches taking a long time to respond and seem to recall having to lower the value to reduce delays. It’s also possible a newer version of Tasmota might improve things.

I will check that and maybe update them to 9.5. It is strange since they were working and then some stopped with no change that i know of. what’s your SLEEP value?