Tasmota not discoverable

I got a new sonoff basic, flashed it with Tasmota 9.4.0(lite), connected to wifi, went to its mqtt settings, entered everything - just like I did for other 4 sonoff devices. Then I run “SetOption19 1” in the tasmota console and … nothing happened in HA. Surprise.

MQTTExplorer shows the new device under “stat” with RESULT = {"SetOption19":"ON"}.
tcpdump shows trafic from the sonoff device when I do so19 1. HA has discovery: true in the config. At some point I switched to the MQTT integration in the webui (or it just got an UI presence? This is a confusing bit) but even there discovery is enabled.

Home Assistant 2021.3.4

How to debug this? What is missing? Thanks,

The “lite” version doesn’t include support for auto-discovery.

From here:

Flash the device with the full version.

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There’s nothing to “force” because the version of Tasmota your device is using doesn’t contain the code needed to support auto-discovery.