Tasmota upgrades - your opinion?

just asking those who are using tasmota a while:

I started in April with flashing one of my Gosund Tuya sockets just because I was curious if it works - Today I have 16 sockets / bars running with tasmota and HA.
I remember reading on the tasmota page that if everything works, you should reconsider upgrading to the latest version just to be on the latest version number, because of upgrading failures.

Now I have a mixture of versions over the last monthts…8.3.1, 8.5.0 and since today 9.1.0.

So are you doing any major upgrade for your devices? Especially now because the Tasmota integration within HA requires the 9.1.0 version?

Thanks for comments

There’s no obligation to switch to Home Assistant’s new Tasmota integration.

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On the Tasmota wiki the advice is given not to upgrade if not necessary. That is solid advice. Most of my devices are still at 6.6, with one at 7.x (should check), some on 8.x. Unless I need/want one of the newly introduced features (multi-click on shelly and sonoff mini :slight_smile: ) , I don’t upgrade.

if they are doing there job I would not upgrade

I have one at 5.10 that was my first one and it has not mist a beat yet

I just read on a topic the wise words: “don’t change something that already works”, so unless I will miss some major functionality, i will not…and i don’t think i miss anything on my switches…the light can be turned on and off, both with the on/off button as well as by HA.

I also have a challenge with my dual channel dimmer, as it uses a customized source code as well as a script. So unless it won’t require any customalization/script anymore, i will reconsider an update, but until them i’ll accept they way it works now

Eventually there may be a reason to do this.
If you want to use MQTT discovery you can’t do that with version 5.

In any case I upgrade to the latest release always. Usually compile the latest dev release on the new firmware so all mine are on

For what it’s worth.

I had no problems compiling 9.1.0 and updating firmware.
All my Tasmota devices where on 8.3.1 prior.