TCP Connected Lighting (Greenwave Reality) MQTT Integration

I’m aware that there is a built-in component for these lights, but I’ve never had it work reliably and it crashed my TCP hub every couple of days.
As I had been using bren1818’s TCPLightingWebInterface without issue I decided to expand it to work with MQTT. I have been using this expanded MQTT function without issue for over a year. Recently there was some interest in the project so I have made some changes to allow for greater levels of customization as well as building a component for HASS’ MQTT discovery function.
Full disclosure I am not a programmer and the documentation is currently a little light, but should include all that is needed to get it up and running. Constructive comments or pull requests welcome.

The project is available at

The project has been updated to include an availability topic to determine if a light has gone offline. i.e. someone turned off the switch
Additionally it has been updated with better documentation

Thanks for sharing !