Telegram service "unfriendly"? / telegram_bot integration along with notify:

Hi folks!

For a few days, my Telegram groups w/ 1 user and a bot disappear as soon I edit the auto delete or the name of the group.

My setup so far is that I use the telegram_bot integration along with notify: setup. So far so good till a few days ago HA started complaining about a chat ids I used for the telegram_bot integration. I could got rid off by removing the only user id, but since then adding the telegram bot to a group or editing a long existing group with the bot as a member led to the group being deleted. HA started to complain that the bot got kicked out of the group and therefore cannot post to it.

Anyone with an idea what the cause is?

I don’t use groups, but maybe it has something to do with the latest update introducing Telegram Premium?

EDIT: FYI, I use only the broadcast YAML-config, with no problems noticed so far.

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