Teleinfo (linky) over ethernet

Hello all !
I haven’t found any french part , so I will try in english.

I use home assistant from few monthes, all work fine, exept my linky consumption.
I use the enedis template, but I want/need to see in real time my pv production and electrical consumption.

For this I use 2 physical modules with EZL50 chip to convert serial over ethernet. It’s work correctly with my other soft but I have not any idea how to integer this in my home assistant

Thanks for your help


nobody have any idea / advice for me ?
I’m not able to do my own addon

I can pay for it if necessary (if it is cheap)


Did you tried this integration:

If it does not work, you can change your hardware. This one should work:
Support will be officially added to HA in next release (0.115). Currently you need a custom component called ShellyForHass.

By the way, there is a French HA forum here:

thanks everybody

I have found a solution

  - platform: tcp
    name: teleinfo_prod
    host: xxx
    port: xxx
    #timeout: 5
    #payload: Ack=1, Seq=1
    payload: "GET /enregistrement.php?n_module=99&temp_int=22&temp_ext=-12 HTTP/1.1\r\n\ Host:\r\n\ Keep-Alive: 115\r\n\ Connection: keep-alive\r\n\r\n"
    value_template: "{{ value.split('SINST')[1] }}"
    unit_of_measurement: w
    scan_interval: 2

This code is correct and give a me a value
But home assistant don’t show continously the value. I have blank instead of the value. but i have all the value in the graph. Any idea ?

Could you post a screenshot of the graph and the missing value?