Telldus Live problem after 0.85 upgrade


After upgrade to 0.85 I had to add «TelldusLive» to configuration.yaml. I used the integration tab in GUI before this.

After that Telldus is still detected as a new integration. So i thought I would link it again, but when trying this the link you are asked to click doesnt work.

Tried to remove everything from configuration.yaml and remove telldus.conf but this doesnt do anything.

Tips anyone



I have exactly the same problem.

Authenticate against TelldusLive

To link your TelldusLive account:

  1. Click the link below
  2. Login to Telldus Live
  3. Authorize Home Assistant (click Yes ).
  4. Come back here and click SUBMIT .Link TelldusLive account

Clicking “Link TelldusLive account” does nothing.


Found a solution for now:

Meaning don´t klick “configure” at the top, scroll down and find telldus live and press configure over there.

Also, real solution seems to be on the way:


Ok, after this I have a problem.
All my telldus live sensors now have “_2” after them in the entity name.
Before: sensor.hall_temperature
Now: sensor.hall_temperature_2

When I try to change the entity name I get an error that the entity is already present (old name).

How can I fix this?

Edit: I ended up removing my entire “.storage” folder and then readded all my intergrations.
I guess there is a better way so if anybody knows it could be good to know for future errors.