❄ Temperature Control Exhaust Fan - Inverted

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

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Version: 1.0 :fire:

The most common automation used for a Temperature Control Exhaust Fan. It really can turn anything ON and OFF on a rising & falling numeric value :partying_face:

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:newspaper: The Automation Process:

  • When the sensor falls below the set value it turns the fan ON.
  • When the sensor rises above the set value it turns the fan OFF.
  • If you would like the opposite values then try this blueprint. 🌡 Temperature Control Exhaust Fan
  • You have the option to use the “Fan Speed - Off Switch Option”. This is useful for turning OFF fans with different speeds.
  • You have the option to use the “Trigger Sensor By-pass”. This allows you to add a switch to manually By-pass the trigger sensor so you can use the fan as normal by turning it ON and OFF manually.
  • You have the option to set a start time, an end time and select weekdays. This will only allow the automation to run between the time periods.

:rocket: CHANGELOG

  • Version: 1.0 - 29 Jan-23 - Initial release


:bulb: Sensor Light - Motion Sensor - Door Sensor - Sun Elevation - LUX Value - Scenes - Time
:shower: Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan
:toilet: Toilet Exhaust Fan with time delay
:hourglass_flowing_sand: Entity - Run ON Timer
:gear: Turn Light, Switch or Scene On & Off with Trigger Conditions
:thermometer: Temperature Control Exhaust Fan
:nazar_amulet: Push Button Relay - Contactor
:stopwatch: Timer Relay - Run ON Timer
:on: Smart Relay - Contactor

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Q: I don’t fully understand the “Fan Speed - Off Switch Option”, could you explain it to me?

A Sometimes you need to select a different entity to turn the fan OFF. This is normally used when having a fan that has different speeds and one of the speeds is OFF. You normally have to turn ON the switch to turn the fan OFF. If you have this scenario then select your OFF speed entity here. If you do not have this, then please leave it blank.

Q: How to use the “Trigger Sensor By-pass” without having a physical switch?

A: Go to Settings / Devices & Services / click on the “Helpers” tab / click “+ CREATE HELPER” and select “Toggle”. In the name put “Temp Exhaust Fan Sensor By-pass” and click save. Then go back into the automation and in the “Trigger Sensor By-pass” search for the name you created in this case “Temp Exhaust Fan Sensor By-pass” and click save. Now in a “Dashboard” click “Edit dashboard” then click “+ ADD CARD” click on “Button” or “Entities” in the entity field again search for the name you created in this case “Temp Exhaust Fan Sensor By-pass” and click save. Then click “DONE”. You now have a “Temp Exhaust Fan Sensor By-pass” switch to disable the Exhaust Fan.

Q: I would like to set a different value but the slider is not letting me?

A Just simply type the number value you would like in the field and click save. A red line will appear under the number you have entered but once you click save, exit the automation and go back into it the red line will not be there.

Hello, I want pretty same, but not exact this :). Can you help with blueprints for my needs (I think there are other people who want to :slight_smile: ).
I have 4 chanel switch (sonoff 4chpror3) and want control it by temp sensor (sonoff SNZB-02) my room (floor) temperature. If temp is under 22C its turn in 1 channel, and if above 22C then turn same channel off.
How it multiple for different rooms.

Switch is just switching on and of my accurator on underfloor heating conture.


@TomATom Hi Toomas,

This blueprint will do that but if you have 4 channels then you will need to create 4 automations, one for each room using the blueprint.

So go into blueprints and select this blueprint fill out everything for channel 1 and when saving it name it what you would like, example: “Underfloor Heating - Bedroom 1”. Then just do it again and select channel 2 and save it as “Underfloor Heating - Bedroom 2” and so on. Then when you click on the automations tab you will see 4 automations, one for each bedroom.

Work perfectly :slight_smile:) Thanks a lot
Can you advise is it possible to juse your bluprint :Temperature Control Exhaust Fan and Temperature Control Exhaust Fan - Inverted together (summer / winter time), to set some time (day and month) to sart one bluprint and stop at same time another? I want use my heatpump for cooling in summertimes to.

Nice, no problem :+1:

You could but I would manually turn off my boiler and manually turn on my heat pump in summer time (and visa versa for winter). Last thing you need is your boiler turning on in the summer heating your floor up and finding out later (when you come home) it came on $$$$, and now your floor is hot… that takes a while to cool down. It would also be hard to pick a date to change over from heating to cooling.

EDIT: You could also create a summer and a winter by-pass to stop all your automations. Example if you created one by-pass for all your Underfloor Heating then put the same by-pass in every automation you just created. Now when you turn that ON it will stop all the Underfloor Heating automations.

Blacky :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for advice

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