🌡 Temperature Control Exhaust Fan

Will look into it now

I found it you must have a triger sensor by_pass although it is disabled.

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Ok I will look into that… thanks

New update 1.2

Fixed a selection bug in by-pass.


Blacky :grinning:

Just one idea. You say:

  • When the sensor rises above the set value it turns the fan ON.
  • When the sensor falls below the set value it turns the fan OFF.
    Thats OK for cooling (ac/vent) if you want to heat a house we should invert de conditions to stay off after a higher value
    Can it be done? like that it was possible to cool and heat .Thanks

Yea it can be done but maybe a different blueprint would be required. You would need a few extra features to make it work well.

That worked thanks

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New update 1.3

Added the option to select weekdays under the time options.


Blacky :grinning:

Hi there,
Any chance you could incorporate a different command for fan on and fan off as you have done for your other humidity/fan blueprint? That is working really well for me.

@GlenW Sounds like a good idea. I will do a update for this.


Blacky :grinning:

New update 1.4

Added “Fan Speed - Off Switch Option”. Normally used if you have a fan with different speeds and you need to use a different entity selection to turn it OFF.


Blacky :grinning:

Awesome support! Thank you blacky!

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No problem, your welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey man,
new to the hole template thing.
I am trying to change your script. I would like to invert it.

If the temp goes under a specific value: turn ON
If the temp goes over a specific value: turn OFF

I tried to change the conditions from below to above but that didnt work.
Furthermore I changed the “wait_for_trigger” section:

      platform: numeric_state
      entity_id: sensor.bme280_temperature
      above: 20.7

So yeah, if the temp goes below a value, the trigger goes on. That is working. But I do not get it to work to turn off above a specific value.

Can you maybe give me a hint, how I should change the script to act like I want it to? :slight_smile:

Hi @MoJack Firstly welcome to the community.

I will do a new blueprint that works the opposite way. Working on it now. What do you need it for so I know what t call it?

Hey @Blacky , thank you for the welcome!

I basically use it to turn on/off a smart plug that controls a heating pad.
If it’s to cold, turn it on, if the desired temp is reached, turn it off.

Thank you for your help!

Ok, I will do it in the same blueprint but give the option to invert it.

Edit: A new Blueprint done just testing now

Edit: All done passed test, creating new blueprint now

Edit: New blueprint ❄ Temperature Control Exhaust Fan - Inverted


New update 1.5

This is quite a big update :firecracker:. I am slowly going through my blueprint so they all look and feel the same :partying_face:

:warning: Please read this before upgrading. If you use “Fan Speed - Switch Off Option” in you automations, once you upgrade you will need to select “Enable the fan speed - switch off option” as shown below and click save.

New Features :new:

  • Added “Fan” domain to fan switch.

  • Added enable / disable option to the “Fan Speed – Switch OFF Option”.

  • Added Fan domain to “Fan Speed – Switch OFF Option”.

  • Upgraded by-pass to have 3 options. You can now choose what you would like the fan to do when you turn the by-pass ON.

    1. Turn fan ON.
    2. Turn fan OFF.
    3. Keep the current fan state.
  • Added the ability to use a “By-pass Auto OFF Option”. This is used when you turn the by-pass ON and you would like the by-pass to automatically turn OFF in a set time delay. It can also be used as a timer to turn the fan ON and then OFF if you have chosen to use “Enable the By-pass - Turn fan ON”.

  • Added end of time trigger. The fan will turn OFF when end time crosses over and your “Rising Value” is over it’s setting.

  • Added some safe guards for HA restart.

  • Cleaned up some code.

Bugs Fixes :bug:

  • Start of time trigger.
  • Some other bugs.

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Blacky :grinning:

Working great with my ceiling fan! Is there a way to add a condition so that it only works when my presence tracker is showing as “home”?

Hi @crepetsky

Nice :+1:

Currently the blueprint doesn’t have "zone’ as a condition. I will put this on the list.

If you would like to do this you could set up a template sensor that is OFF when you are “Home”. You would then put that sensor in the bypass and select “Enable the By-pass - Turn fan OFF”. So what would happen is when your are “Not Home” or “Away” the template sensor would get automaticity turned ON thus turning your bypass ON and the fan OFF when you leave. When you get home the bypass would go OFF allowing the automation to run. :wink:

If you need help creating this template sensor then let us know and I will provide you the code.

Blacky :smiley:

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