Temperature in GoGoGate/iSmartGate integration

Would it be posible to get the temperature from the door sensors?

Does the temperature appear as an attribute of the sensors (see developer tools / states)?

Cannot find the developer specs. Although, the device has a local IP that is used in the integration and their app shows the temperature for the sensors. The sensors that marks door is up or down. Guess this controls opening/closing the doors but believe the information could be retrieved some how. Let me look and ask for it unless someon else know where to find it…

Not the developer specs. The home assistant developer tools menu. Look for your sensor there and see if it has a temperature attribute.

Sorry for that :wink: but no, cannot find any temperature attributes for the cover enteties. The door sensors are not listed at all but I guess the integration uses them since HA knows if the doors are open or closed

If home assistant can tell what state the doors are in the sensors are there.

How does HA know? There must be some entities tied to these doors.

Agree but I do not know how or where to find them. If I operate the doors manually, HA shows the state but looking at the entities I can only se:

door_id: 1
friendly_name: Left
supported_features: 3
device_class: garage


Thanks for the guidance but that is where I have been and posted. Sorry for the Swedish but I think you will get it :wink:

Ok, so the answer is “no”, the temperature is not an attribute of the door sensor. So the workaround I was going to propose is not possible.

Thank you anyway! :+1:

I hope we could get temperature and battery status with this integration in the future