Temperature Probes

I am looking for Z Wave, or WiFi temperature probes that I can insert into AC Supply, and Return air? I haven’t had much good luck finding a solution that is reasonable on cost. I was wondering about a raspberry pi with sesnors reporting back but don’t know where to start.

I’m using a Qubino Flush Zwave switch together with a temperature sensor.
It works just fine.

Measures temperature, and if you connect the power of the AC supply on it, it also measures the energy use.

ds18b20 waterproof with 1m lead, I have four connected: hot and cold side of air handler, hot and cold side of ac.
all connected to a d1 mini, a small mini controller powered by usb power supply
Use esphome (an add-on for home assistant) to program the micro controller, define the sensor connected and that is pretty much it.
This is definitely the inexpensive solution.

d1 mini will require some soldering but you can find esp8266 boards with screw down terminals to make your life easy. ds1820 are 3 wires each: power, ground and data. You can basically twist all wire of each type together and connect to your board

That is awesome thank you for that information adding that to my list of stuff to get done.

This worked like a charm really appreciate the advice. Now you have me working on 20 other things now that I learned about esphome stuff now.

Glad you liked. You can create a template for the temperature deltas and see if that fits within your furnace specs, see if you hit max design temperature, etc.
Back of my mind, considering monitoring for flow/pressure, maybe filter light transmission. Always something!