Temperature sensor for high temperatures

Any of you smart people that know of a temperature probe where the probe itself and the connecting cable can handle temperatures above 500 celsius?
I have an esp32 based box for reading/sending the temperature to HA, and that works well, but the first time I used the oven for pizza, the cable, which is (or used to be…) fiberglass isolated.
The isolation disappeared after a few minutes. So for now, it’s back to the manual IR-thermometer.
Any ideas how to solve this? I’d prefer not to drill a hole from the outside into the oven chamber.

E, J(maybe, see note) , K or N type thermocouple.


Type E Thermocouples
Type E thermocouples are often referred to as Chromel-Constantan thermocouples. They are regarded as more stable than Type K, therefore often used where a higher degree of accuracy is required.
Note - Constantan is Copper-Nickel.

Type J Thermocouples
Type J thermocouples degrade rapidly in oxidising atmospheres above 550°C. Their maximum continuous operating temperature is around 750°C though they can with stand short duration excursions to 1000°C. They are generally not used below ambient temperature due to condensation forming on the wires leading to rusting of the iron.
Note - Constantan is Copper-Nickel.

Type K Thermocouples
Type K thermocouples are the most widely used thermocouples in the Oil & Gas, and refining industries due to their wide range and low cost. They are occasionally referred to as Chromel-Alumel thermocouples. Note that above about 750°C oxidation leads to drift and the need for recalibration.

Type N Thermocouples
Type N thermocouples can handle higher temperatures than type K, and offer better repeatability in the 300 to 500°C range. They offer many advantages over Type R & S at a tenth of the cost, therefore prove to be popular alternatives.

K or N would probably be your best bet.

I have used a type K, and the thermocouple itself handles the temperatures well.
The problem is the electric connection cable going from the sensor and out through the oven door. According to the vendor, it can probably handle up to 400C, but that wasn’t enough.

Then you need to buy a better sensor that can handle the full range.

“probably handle 400c” is not the same as “rated up to 700c”, which is what I would expect from a type N ceramic or high temp silica wire