Temperature_unit and wind_speed in weather entity

Hi everyone!
I’m writing a program in Java to access/control Home Assistant using its REST API. Currently, I want to implement the whether entity. The documentation says, that temperature_unit is a required field, but my API-response does not contain that property. Also, the value of the temperature property changes when I switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit in Home Assistant settings with seemingly no indication in the backing weather entity.
Is this intended and I have to find out the actual unit some other way? If so, how?

Similarly for wind_speed: the documentation only states that it is in “km/h or mi/h”, so how can the GUI figure out that it actually is the former? And last point: according to the documentation, wind_speed in the forecast should be an int, but it seems to be a float as well…

Thank you in advance for all your comments! :slightly_smiling_face:

A semi-answer to the “if so, how?”-part: I can use an API-call to query the configuration to get the current unit system.

Semi-answer because, strictly speaking, there is no guarantee that it does not change between that API-call and the one where I query the weather data. And per documentation, temperature_unit should be 1) a required field and 2) probably an override-setting to be consistent with its meaning in the configuration, rendering the config-call irrelevant anyway.