Template/dynamic value for grid-area in custom:mod-card // layout card

Hi all,

Seeking the collective wisdom - I may have a few concepts confused. But in an ideal state I’d like to control dynamically where items are placed on a custom:grid-layout. Broad card:

grid-template-columns: 33% auto 33%
grid-template-rows: auto
grid-template-areas: |
  "header header header"
  "left1 middle1 right1"
  "left2 middle2 right2"
  "footer footer footer"

I then have a simple card I’ve mocked up for illustrative purposes that I might want to put in a different position in the grid above. I’ve tried templating but this doesn’t work and doesn’t resolve to anything as below:

type: custom:mod-card
  style: |
    ha-card {
      border: 2px solid grey;
show_header_toggle: false
  grid-area: |
    {% if states('input_boolean.study_target_temperature') == 'on' %}
    {% else %} right2
    {% endif %}
  type: glance
  show_header_toggle: false
    - entity: sensor.thermostat_temperature_helper
      name: Temperature Set
    - entity: climate.thermostat
      name: Mode

I’ve looked through forums, documentation and the web and can’t find references to whether this is supported (in card-mod styles i can see it is but not in this element). Any ideas!? Thanks!