Template warning, don't know where it comes from

How can I find where this warning comes from?

Logger: homeassistant.helpers.template
Bron: helpers/template.py:2629
Eerst voorgekomen: 15 juni 2024 om 09:24:16 (18897 gebeurtenissen)
Laatst gelogd: 13:08:48

Template variable warning: 'dict object' has no attribute 'target' when rendering '{{value_json.target}}'

is it a helper? because I see “helpers” at source. But I think most likely a template…
when I search for “value_json” or “target” I don’t have any hits in the HA packages folder or automation.yaml

It’s not a helper. That is a core program “helper routine”. Different thing.

Look for value_json.target in your templates.

doesn’t seem to find these values unfortunately:





Search your entire config directory.

I’ve searched (with notepad++) literaly every file in the HA directory except the db, NO hits on that name

Could be a template helper, couldn’t it? I know that’s unrelated to the error message’s use of helper; but that wouldn’t show up in the YAML files.

@1mfaasj — also have a search in your /config/.storage folder. See if it shows up in core.config_entries in that folder. Make sure you don’t make any changes to those files though!

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found the cause with mqtt explorer. it was actually a payload which didn’t contain the attribute.

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Hi @1mfaasj,
Ive got the same error, could you advise which payload in mqtt explorer was missing this attribute?
Thanks in advance

It was a payload from faikin. in my case the target temperature attribute was missing, so turn on the AC and set a temp target, thats it. Then its known to HA the next time