Templates in Automations

Hello Community,

I’m using the UI for Automations, but I can’t populate anything in the Condition when I select Template. If I go and edit the automation.yaml, it disappears from the gui and seems to break my automations.

Can anyone provide any guidance on this?


I’m using version 0.94.2 and I also cannot enter any text into the Condition’s Template.

The UI-based Automations Editor has limitations. I don’t know if this is a bug or just another one of its limitations.

FWIW, I never use the Automations Editor. I use Visual Studio Code.

Thanks Taras,

It looks like this functionality isn’t working in the editor. I found that you can use both by including automation old: in the yaml.


If you use both, the automations created by one editor are not readily visible to the other. The Automation editor stores its data in a JSON-formatted file within the .storage directory. All other automations created with an external editor will be in a YAML-formatted file within the config directory.