Temporarily deactivate z-wave motion sensor

Is it possible to temporarily deactivate a z-wave motion sensor?

I don’t want my motion triggers to turn on lights during the day. I can do that via the triggers / conditions of my automations (time of day, lux value, …) but the motion sensor remains on and still detects the movement.

Being able to put it in some kind of ‘sleep’ (bad choice of words because sleep is used differently for z-wave devices) and to ‘wake up’ at a later moment would be the ideal solution.

Didn’t see any services documented around this so far.

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There is no way to put them to sleep remotely and not report, the better option as you point out is to define your automation conditions based on time of day, sun position, etc.
If you don’t want to see the sensor value in the UI, its easy enough to hide them.

It’s more about saving battery life for the ones that are not connected…

Maybe I should just try to do a

- service: homeassistant.turn_off
      - zwave.zwave_bedroom_3

I’m not sure what sensors you are using but I have simple EcoLink PIR sensors that are over a year old. They still report 100% on battery and have been zero problem.

Turning a sensor, or any Z-Wave device, off in that sense is not possible. The Z-Wave sensor will always report its status to the main controller. After that it’s up to the user if/when to use the current state in automations.

The only exception I’ve found is the Fibaro motion sensor. The PIR sensor can be deactivated part of the day based on a lux value. See Parameter 8 and Parameter 9 using the link below.


The solution to your problem is to use conditions in automations. Z-Wave sensors are designed to continously report data.