Tensorflow - On Unraid based HomeAssistant

Quite keen to get started with TensorFlow but from what i can see most guides deal with installation on HASS.io.

Does anyone know of a guide or resource I can follow to get TensorFlow going based on my Docker install of HomeAssistant on my Unraid box.

Have you had any luck with this. My home assistant docker crashes on startup when I have tensorflow in the configuration.yaml

No luck at all. Kinda put it on hold for now.
Going to move from docker to Hass.io on Unraid as I expect further development to take place on that platform.
I think the plugins of Hass.io are too good to pass up.

I currently run Hass.io in a vm on Unraid and have had no issues with it. I would definitely recommend that setup. I also pass through (mount) the Aeotec z-stick USB z-wave adapter to the VM instance.