Thank you, Home Assistant Developers!

Just wanted to say huge THANK YOU for all Home Assistant Developers and Developers that made available for local control of Xiaomi Vacuum cleaners.
Entire morning I’ve been having issues with Mi Home app and should be unable to control the vacuum. Luckily i do most of the work through home assistant so i managed to use it just fine! My wife is not yet very good with home assistant so she tried to run command to vacuum ground floor when vacuum remembered the location from top floor and so the vacuum kept on hitting the walls.

Using send_command service and using “load_multi_map” command, i managed to load the correct map for her to launch the vacuum! If it wasn’t for this, i would be bound waiting for Mi Home to start working again!

So for the third time, THANK YOU for all the hard work, Happy New Year ahead and all the best of luck for entire Home Assistant community and your families!

Happy projects, happy automation, happy family!