The MAC address changes on every reboot on Raspbian Lite after installing Home Assistant

Because I don’t have any free ethernet port on my router, so I want to connect to it over the Wi-Fi network.

I’d argue that Home Assistant’s instructions should be updated, and I will gladly create a PR for it. Because, as I demonstrated, I followed them and stumbled upon an issue that is not mentioned at all.

And I don’t mean that Home Assistant’s instructions should have an actual solution for it, if it’s not directly related.

But a simple “If you have problems with a Linux distribution that is not mentioned here, please seek help on their official forum” is clearly missing.

This whole exercise if even without HA started, so it has nothing to do with HA. The best help about it is on the raspbian forums, there are the people with much more knowledge about issues like that.

This whole exercise came directly from

Then, should be moved to the Raspbian website.

On that page, I don’t see anything from this exercise.

There is nothing on that page about changing mac-addresses, and it is an issue with network-manager.

Exactly! And that is the issue. That that page isn’t mentioning this issue, caused by installing a package that that page tells you to do.

5 minutes google :

Network-Manager will reset your mac address during the wifi scanning.

To permanently change your mac address:

Edit your /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf as follows:





Edit your /etc/network/interfaces by adding the following line:

pre-up ifconfig wlp68s0b1 hw ether xx:xx:xx:yy:yy:yy

The xx:xx:xx:yy:yy:yy is the new mac address obtained from the output of macchanger -A wlp68s0b1

Reboot and verify your settings.
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I’m not the only one confused about incomplete documentation:

And guess what, they’re on Home Assistant’s GitHub repos, not on Raspbian forum.

Do you want to create a PR for this?

I added it:

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As others have already found a solution, I just wanted to note, why I was asking the way I did.

It is not easy, to pinpoint an error, if you do not have that “first sight” moment. Most of the times, I just have an idea, what may cause the problem. In some cases, like yours, it is not even a guess. It is simply a feeling, where to look. And this is why I did ask for more information. I didn’t have any idea, but in looking at code examples, config files and such things, most of the time it is a stumbling over something, that just doesn’t feel right. That’s the point, where one can dig in and investigate further.

So the more detailed your description of everything you have down is, the better someone stumbles upon something.

So, yes, if the answer to the problem isn’t “directly” visible, I for one want as much information as possible, even the small things, because I’m sure, there will be something… :slight_smile:

No hard feelings, if it’s not obvious, one has to ask. :slight_smile: Hope now all is working for you.

I understand. But seeing that I didn’t do anything crazy or extra, and just followed the instructions, I expected for someone to tell me that it’s a known issue, meaning that I used the wrong keywords when looking for an existing thread. Like

Hey, of course it changes, because we’re telling people to install network-manager, and it does this by default.

And again, I can not understand how am I the only one in the world stumbling upon this issue.

I understand. But I, again, thought that it’s a known issue with a simple solution, that I could simply not find, not that others didn’t think of it. That’s why I asked the question before testing again as I did for this comment.

Same, and thank you all for your time.

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Maybe this help -

Unfortunately I ran into the same problem. Luckily I found this thread and want to thank revolter and others for efforts to help others. I understand both parties in the discussion here.

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I’ve also run into the same problem. Thank you @Revolver for this thread, and the patience to post your steps in addition to your private investigation.

And again, I can not understand how am I the only one in the world stumbling upon this issue.

I can assure you that’s not the case, most people will just not bother to create an account here to reply/like. I almost failed to do so myself, and only changed my mind because of how painful reading through this thread was…

Very few people use wi-fi so it had probably not been noticed.

I’ve also run into the same problem installing HA Supervised according these instructions: