The Mystery of the light is solved!

This probably has no place on the forum but just had to tell this story…and I know all the smart HA operators are probably all over this.

I have an automation which switches on a Sonoff controlled bedside light when I switch the TV off in the lounge room. All works great except the light would switch back on later in the night after I had switched it off and the wife and I had gone to sleep…WAF ground zero!

I looked at mqtt, I looked at my config, I looked at the wiring, I changed the Sonoff, I reviewed, I upgraded, downloaded, restarted, rebuilt…everything and still it was happening. I was just about to give up when I finally had enough sense to check the logs very carefully and there it was! The TV switches itself back on exactly 1 hour after going into standby mode for a software upgrade check and promptly turns itself off again. Of course that was just retriggering the automation.

Everything was working exactly as it was supposed to! Doh.

TV now has software checking turned off and I’m doing my best to rebuild WAF.