The official script doesn't install v0.92

as per the instructions here, this script installs the latest version of Home Assistant
I tried it on a debian machine, but it installs version 0.91.4 instead of version 0.92.
I’m I doing something wrong?

when did you try to run this script? 0.92 was only released late yesterday and it usually take a few hours for all the docker versions to be build and published.
This page will show you when the tag for your environment was built:

Would have thought it would pull 0.92 - I got the qemux86 for a generic Linux install this morning and the script would pull the latest. You can always upgrade.

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yeah it seems it was updated 7 minutes ago. I guess I was just too eager to give it a try :slight_smile:

Nope, just run the installer again, and its the old version. I’ll wait.

At a guess it installs what it finds here

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