The reason I will not report bugs anymore and leave HA community

The HA will keep on living without me (of course I’m not a developper), because I’m just an end user without any importance. But I liked very much playing now for some years with HA.

As I said, I’m just a final user, and I tried to report bugs when I could. I even tried to install the Z-Wave JS new integration. It was a nightmare migrating, renaming all devices, etc. But at the end I was happy.

What makes me expoded, was the totally buggy JS 01.1.11 that totally crashed my environment. So I’ve seen that someone had already opened an incident here.

I just replied something like "Ok exactly the same bug! " To give more importance to this. And my message and all others have been closed as SPAMS. Other users had the same bad experience.

This is Kindergarten, the responsible person of the issue just banned me (sure with good reasons, because I insisted and wrote him an email, no response…).

So I WILL NOT REPORT BUGS ANY MORE. HA should live just with developpers as they do not like End users at all.

Waiting now to be definitively banned from HA community.

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Sorry to hear you were given a hard time. It should have been explained to you that the accepted method on github for indicating you have the same issue but no further information to add is to click the :+1: on the original issue report.

Everyone saying “me too”, clutters up the issue and as threads get longer important information can be missed.

EDIT: I have just found the issue you mentioned and that was the exact advice you were given, which you chose to ignore. Hence your subsequent posts were hidden. Repeatedly telling people to roll back to the last version does nothing to help resolve the issue.

And the issue was resolved within 24 hours which is fantastic support if you ask me.

Some advice about github: (more aplicable to devs, but you will feel the same response) advice there tends to be a lot more frank/blunt than here on the forums. Developers are (mostly) used to this sort of thing. It is not uncommon to submit a PR and have repeated requests for changes made in a “matter of fact” manner. You have to have a thick skin to realise that this is not a personal attack, just requests for software improvement to meet the high standards required for inclusion in Home Assistant.

The key take-aways are, listen to what you are told and act accordingly, be prepared for frank advice and don’t take it personally.