Theme/view background refusing to work

Hey guys,

Started out a few months ago with Home Assistant and I’m loving it, learning lots off new things.
But there is one thing I’m really breaking my head on.
I can’t for the love of god set a (local) image as view or theme background.
Tried both options just to be sure. Even tried with an online image. No success.
If I display the image with an image card it shows up.

Code snippets:

  • Theme background:
Fluent Orange:
  <<: *common-card-mods
  card-mod-theme: "Fluent Orange"

  primary-color: "#ff8c00"
  rgb-primary-color: "255, 140, 0"
  rgb-primary-color-darker: "204, 112, 0"
  rgb-primary-color-lighter: "255, 157, 0"
  hue-primary-color: "33deg"

  accent-color: "#ff9d00"
  rgb-accent-color: "255, 157, 0"
  lovelace-background: center / cover no-repeat url("/local/bg/lights.jpg") fixed
  • View background:
  - title: Lichten
    path: lichten
    icon: mdi:home-lightbulb-outline
    background: center / cover no-repeat url("/local/bg/lights.jpg") fixed
    theme: Fluent Orange
    badges: []

Single quotes or double quotes don’t make any difference. Read all the related topics on this subject and following them, my code should work. But it doesn’t for some peculiar reason.

Hope one of the many forum heroes I saw in other threads can help me out.

Kind regards,

This works for me, in a theme.yaml. I know zip about CSS so copied it from somewhere ages ago.

lovelace-background: 'center / cover no-repeat url("/local/images/background_wave.png") fixed'