Thermia Online


I found this:

I dont have the time to code an intergration but i am ok with giving access to my account if some one needs a test account .


I am looking for a solution to monitor (and/control) Thermia Diplomat heatpump from ha. Have thermia online up and running.

Have already done setup sector alarm custom component, which is running ok, i guess Thermia would require something similar…

Have anyone implemented Thermia control?

Could you please share your thoughts how to.


I suppose you didn’t got any further either? The API link above is also not working anymore. It keeps redirecting me to the login page. And then it keeps redirecting me to the main page of my diplomat

Also interested in this as have Thermia Online all working and would like to integrate with HA.

You can connect this gateway to (most) of Thermias heatpumps which acts as a gateway in which you can communicate with HA

H60 Wireless gateway

Found this integration which support some sensors through thermia online. Seems to be working after first try, try it out! Hope it helps anyone who is looking solution to integrate thermia to home assistant. @Kevin_Vandebeek @andyh747

Appears not to have control features, at least not yet. Believe should be doable as exists in thermia online.