Thermostat Automation to increase or decrease temp when A/C turns on or off

My A/C does very short cycles (runs for only 5 minutes) every time it turns on. I want it to run longer cycles each time it kicks on.

Every time the A/C kicks on, I would like the thermostat to drop by 1 degree (ie: go from 74 to 73 degrees) every time the A/C turns on.

Then, every time the A/C kicks off, I would like the temperature to increase by 1 degree (back from 73 to 74 degrees).

I would like this automation to happen no matter what temperature I set the thermostat for… I have the temp at different temperatures throughout the day.

For my thermostat in Home Assistant, I have 1 device and 2 entities:
1 Device: THERMOSTAT Hallway
2 Entities: climate.thermostat & sensor.thermostat_temperature

Thank you for your help!!

Which integration are you using for Thermostat?

It is the: Honeywell Total Connect Comfort
That what you are referring to?