Thermostat for infrared heating

I have bought an infrared room heater panel. Its connected to an outlet. It has no thermostat built in. Now I want to find a thermostat that I can control with HA, to shut the power on and off. Any ideas?


Get some sonoff put tasmota on them and you be on your way buzz me if u want a hand

Thanks but I have decided that I am too old to learn something new. And too lazy. So now when I can afford to buy what I need ready made I will try to find one. There are a lot of wireless outlet thermostates out there but need to fin one compatible with HA hopefully wlan because I use wlan if possible

1st one the hardest I’m up to 20 take me longer to open the case than to flash it now it easy as

I am 64 and retired so I pass

55 here and still learning

Me too, HA

Do you have a temperature sensor in the room already? Then just go with a wifi outlet and use generic thermostat platform.

That is an interesting ide