Thermostat history isn't showing when cooling unless temperature changed too

My thermostat graph looks like this:


I think it’s supposed to show a green bar under the line for hvac_action, but it only shows it for the first run after I changed the temperature in the morning. But the AC was on/off all night, but there’s no indication? It’s a Z-Wave Honeywell thermostat using OpenZWave.

Is there some alternative to show the history of hvac_action, like in a label or something as a list?

Well I don’t know what the problem is but I did solve it by putting my history in text form which I like very much.

For anyone else looking to do that, you can by first installing the logbook card

Since hvac_action is an attribute and not a sensor directly it won’t work, so you need to create a template sensor as well. Mine looks like this:

    # Sensor to track HVAC attribute (cooling, heating)
      - platform: template
            friendly_name: HVAC Action
            entity_id: climate.thermostat_mode
            value_template: "{{ state_attr('climate.thermostat_mode', 'hvac_action') }}"

And the card definition:

    desc: true
    entity: sensor.hvac_action
      - None
      - Unknown
      - label: Idle
        value: idle
        icon: 'mdi:hvac'
      - label: Cooling
        value: cooling
        icon: 'mdi:air-conditioner'
      - label: Heating
        value: heating
        icon: 'mdi:air-filter'
    max_items: 10
      end_date: false
      start_date: true
    title: HVAC Running History
    type: 'custom:logbook-card'

It ends up looking like this: