Thermostat Recommandation

Hi, I am looking for recommendation to replace my current Thermostats. I currently have 1 baseboard heater in each room of my house controlled by 1 thermostat. All thermostats function independently.

My requirements:

  • UC1: Central control in HA - I would like to be able to control all of the thermostats using home assistant: adjust the temperature centrally (when I leave the house), and also adjust the temperature per room if required: for example, only heat bedrooms at night
  • UC2: Physical control - I would like to keep the “physical” aspect of it, meaning someone in a room can do manual adjustments using the wall thermostat. It doesn’t need to be a screen on the wall, it can be a scroll or buttons. The temperature change would replicate in HA. This is because I have old people in this house that will not be able to use HA
  • UC3: No Internet dependency - I would like to be able to control the thermostats (physically and/or in HA) even if the Internet is down

About my current smart home setup:

  • HA running in Docker on a dedicated host. Zigbee support with MQTT (zigbee2mqtt). I’m open to use other protocols (e.g. Z-Wave). Bluetooth supported but not ideal given size of the house.
  • Unifi based network - I have a dedicated network and SSID for Wi-Fi connected devices (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz support) with no Internet access for security reasons
  • Honeywell “physical” thermostats in the rooms (not connected, not programmable)
  • I have basic ESP8266 to control aquarium temperature, I know how to flash them using ESPHome and reuse other people’s project but I’m not an embedded software specialist
  • I live in Canada (but can wait days/weeks for shipping)

I found this project that looks like to support what I want to achieve from a software point of view, now I’m looking for the hardware:

I’ll do a proof of concept with 1 new thermostat, and if it works well, replace them all. Budget is not a limitation if the solution is solid and can last 10+ years.

Many thanks!

I use Danfoss ally Zigbee thermostats for my radiators. You can set the temp on the physically and you can control them through HA. They just work. I have no idea if they are available in Canada.

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What type of heat? Electric or hot water? How are they activated? A relay in each room, thermostatic valves, a main distribution manifold in the basement? How many different control points are needed?

Electric, looks like this:

The heating is activated when the temperature goes below the one chosen on the thermostat:


6 control points are needed

Thanks I look into this but I’m not sure it will work with my heaters. So far my best bet is to try this:é-TH1123ZB-Thermostat-Electric-Heating/dp/B077XNFQWH

With this integration: Sinopé TH1123ZB control via MQTT |