Thermostat without a thermostat

Hey all,
Newbie here.
Ik have a temp sensor and two smart valve heater thingies.
I wanna set HA so that if i press a (software) button, or say somehting, the temp in my room raises to 21 degrees, and when its 21 degrees it stays there.
I dont have a centra thermostat to do this offcourse :wink:
Any pointers ? Can i use a blueprint for this ?


There are plenty of posts on virtual thermostats… HA itself come with this
Generic Thermostat - Home Assistant (

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Cool tnx !

Hey, i dont have addons, since im using the synology docker installation.
Is there any quick and easy way to do what i asked ? Like a blueprint i can download ?
Im new to this and the generic thermostat page is a little over my head

I am afraid I cannot help you with this, most other setups use a similar structure/setup. You can keep it simple though and add complexity after

  - platform: generic_thermostat
    name: whateverroom
    heater: switch.whateverroom_heater
    target_sensor: sensor.hwateverroom_temperature
    min_temp: 15
    max_temp: 25
    target_temp: 20
    tolerance: 0.5
      seconds: 120

Tnx @ Dont have a clue what to do with it, but ill try and figure it out !\

Cheers !

So, in essence it is very simple…
it uses a

  1. a temp sensor (target_sensor as this is what you measure to get to)
  2. based on min/max and temp… trigger a switch (heater) that does warms up the place
    3 The tolerance is that it triggers 0.5 before or 0.5 after target temp, i.e. if your room shows a delay this may be handy
  3. cycle is how long the heater is on, there are heaters that may take time to heat or can be damaged if it switches on (say) very 10s…example: if the target temp is reached and it should (!) switch off, if the cycle duration has not been reached…it will not switch off until then

Ah ok i get that, sounds easy enough ideed. How and where do i put this code ? Or maybe there tutorial on code all together ?

This would go in the confiuration.yaml
Added info: although over the past year a lot has been done to avoid this textual configuration and replace by GUI, still quite a few are left … also this will continue to apply for ‘templates’ which are needed if you want to do special things to / with your data.
So, at a minimum you would have to get comfortable with that … it will happen more often.
wrt to above, you can copy/paste it in, of course with your temp sensor and heater sensor replacing my examples. Important (!) is the indentation. climate: starts from column 0, the rest 2 spaces indent and seconds again 2 spaces. After that you need to restart HA and then hope it picks up.
As you are new, I also recommend to extend the logging section so you can see what is going on and not guess (too much).
Make sure your ‘logger’ section in the same configuration.yaml shows something below

  default: warning
    homeassistant.components.climate: debug

Hey sorry for the late reply.
Tnx so much guiding me in the right way !
I will fiddle about in the yaml and hoping it works :slight_smile:
Tnx again !!