Thermostats - what are you using? How is it setup(z-wave, wifi, etc.)? How are automating with it?

I have been browsing looking for information about thermostats, and seem to be coming up with very few examples. I am hoping those currently doing climate control can list what they are using, and provide whatever information about their setup they would like.

I am hoping to get something with scheduling(preferably very flexible,) 2 stage heat/cool, no c-wire, and obviously able to report and be controlled by home assistant.

I use Ecobee. The integration is easy to setup. It works well for setting Home and Away mode based on my HA presense reporting. The one downside, I would say, is that if you are trying to tie an automation into it, there is a noticeable lag because it relies on their cloud and the reporting can introduce a significant delay.

For example, I tried to tie my portable air conditioner into my Ecobee. It worked, in the sense that I could turn on “air conditioning” mode and set the desired temperature. But it would take several minutes for the portable air conditioner to actually turn on. If I use the same automation through a generic_thermostat component directly through HA, then the portable air conditioner turns on instantly.

I use Zwave thermostats:

I setup the scheduling via HomeAssistant automations.

I may have to pickup one of those. The cost is modest, and it seems to be well supported.

You can even lock the display so no one can adjust it manually as well. Handy feature if there’s kids running about.

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Ecobee. With 0.73, I’m going to try utilizing the homekit controller to integrate it so that I don’t rely on the cloud for home automation purposes.

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I use a nest thermostat. Our utility providers gave heavy rebates which brought the cost down to $100 bucks. Check with yours, they may do the same.

For automating I have made HA control it all (except the thermostat function of turning on/off at a certain temperature)

The nest is a neat device, but I don’t want to rely on anything that is cloud based.

Agreed, I didn’t have Home Assistant (HA) when I bought it, if I did I don’t think I would have gone that route. I really don’t use any of the ‘cloud’ features or even capabilities that the nest has after adopting HA

I have been on the lookout for a new thermostat (and buyer for my nest). Just haven’t decided which route to go.

Let me know if you get it setup, I can’t figure out the Homekit Controller setup. I’m using so I’m not sure if it’s supported or not.