Thinking about redundancy Tasmota TX switches

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So I’ve now got a number of the Sonoff TX switches (UK) flashed with Tasmota and installed. I’m happy with the way they are working, but as I’ve got a little time on my hands, I’m looking at building in some redundancy while allowing better control of the smart bulbs controlled by HomeAssistant.

Currently, the setup is:

Sonoff TX > IKEA Tradfri Bulb

The button press is tied to the relay and that works and fulfils the redundancy but is a pain when trying to set scenes etc if the relay isn’t on.

I can see that I can detach the button from the relay using ‘SwitchTopic=2’ which would allow the logic for the bulb to be controlled via an automation in Home Assistant (unless someone can tell me a better way of doing that) but can I tie the relay to a double or triple press on the Sonoff in case Home Assistant is unavailable?