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Its. Strangevthat not one of the developers have commented on the paypal request. Why?


Just a small point, I don’t believe this is legal in the UK (EU?) anymore.


I’m not using cloud yet (once remote access is added I’ll be joining) but it’s good to know it does accept Debit.
I opened the page, saw it only mentioned Credit and immediately closed it - lost in translation maybe?


My assets have been frozen as a result of US sanctions. Can I pay in Bitcoin or Monero?


I think in Europe under 20% or less has real Credit cards. Its all debit cards.


with Brexit they will be finally free to charge them :smiley:


because they have already stated in the FAQ on the website that other payment options will be available in the future


Still its odd that the method that is the easiest to implement, can be setup as subscription does not need a broker, work without bank card is not implemented first


there is also a cost per transaction with paypal. also not everyone uses paypal


The transaction cost is about the same. More people use paypal than card. And you can pay with paypal using card even without a paypal account


quite right credit card charges were abolished at the start of this year

Sorry for the misinformation, never noticed as I don’t have a credit card :smile:


Because the dealer always pay the fee tothe cardcompany the price will go up instead. The customer always will pay.


It’s not that trivial to hook up because it creates an additional payment source of truth regarding active subscriptions. Adding PayPal means duplicating/adapting the work we’ve done to integrate with Stripe and tracking that there’s multiple payment providers (Stripe & PayPal), along with integrating how they both handle subscriptions.

It’s definitely something we want to support (as noted in the FAQ), the transaction cost is identical to Stripe, but supporting them both immediately was more work than we had time for.


Ok understood. I then wait to subscribe until its implemented


I’m already subscribed to the cloud services but sincerely i think 5$ per user it’s a little bit expensive.
3$ could be a good price for the cloud services. Now, I just do it because i want to support this wonderful project. But sincerely in a few months i’m going to unsubscribe. Please, consider the posibility to adjust the price.


“Oh I see , you don’t have enough spaces on this line here, and this line needs a ‘-’ and that one doesn’t”
“No , you need to specify that in a value_template: {{}}”
“I don’t know what the entity_id is for the setpoint attribute in the climate entity.”
"oh, if you want it to run every 30 minutes, you put a ‘/’ in fro


please use proper


How do you want the information saved? Even a gui has to ultimately store the config as text.

Maybe you’d prefer the other two common alternatives, json or xml? Please let us know.


I’m ok with json, xml, and even YAML. I was responding to the guy who said editing a yaml file was just as easy as using a gui for configuration and should be just as easy for a Mom. I disagree that the average Mom would be able to edit a .yaml file.


I didn’t say it should be just as easy for a mum, I was saying that mum’s don’t do these things because they’re not interested in the whole thing, and not because it’s a text based configuration.

It was supposed to be light hearted :roll_eyes: