This entity does not link to integration (braviatv_psk)

I used integration braviatv_psk with custom:mini-media-player and it worked great. But than it disappear and no longer works. I tried remove integration and download over HACS again, but I cannot return to working.

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2023-01-25 11-54-47

Entity exists and my configuration is correct:

# TV
  - platform: braviatv_psk
    psk: sony
    mac: 29:F7:72:71:BC:59
    amp: True
    android: True
      - 'CT 1 HD T2'
      - 'CT 2 HD T2'
      - 'CT sport HD T2'
      - 'CT :D/art HD T2'
      - 'Radio Cas Rock'
    time_format: 24H
    user_labels: True
    name: BraviaTV

Where I can manage it to working status?