Three Gang Single Switch With Wemos D1 mini and Tasmota Firmware

Hey guys I thought that I’d share this with you and if any of you have any input, plz let me. For the past few days I was working on a three gang switch; which was an inspiration from these videos:
2- Putting a Sonoff in your wall switch box
I finally come to the point where I can share the work with you. The components used, are:
a- NodeMCU flashed Tasmota( Wemos D1 mini)
b- AC-DC 220v PWR block(HLK-PM01)
c-Custom PCB
e-TBA16 600B and some resistors
The final project look like this:



Nice work, but please redesign the Mains voltage section, as currently you have mains running too close to low voltage and no clearance cutouts, or any segregation for that matter. Look at the Sonoff boards and see how they do it. Also, if you’re not mounting the triacs to heatsinks, get the “ISOTAB” versions. In fact, you may be better off just using a 2 or 3A solid state relay per channel which will negate the need for the optocoupler as well.
If making PCBs, I’d recommend looking into KiCAD over Fritzing. All those strange angles on your traces make it look very haphazard. Try to stick to straight lines and 45deg bends, and keep them equi-spaced.
Are you designing it to fit behind the wall switch? Or just in the wall box/cavity?
Let us know how you go, and please stay safe with DIY mains! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much your advice, and i’ll definitely keep that in mind for my next version. My idea was for it to fit behind the wall switch.

How are you going with your project? Let me know if you need any review of your revisions.

Thank you for checking on me. I’m still working on it and I’ll definitely let you know once ready.