Threshold Helper Changes Value When Input is Unavailable

I have a photoresistor over an LED on my washing machine to ultimately determine when it’s done with a cycle (a smart-plug reading the power input isn’t an option and the LED is integrated into the control board, so I don’t want to risk damaging it by connecting directly to it).

Previously I went about this a little differently prior to the threshold helper existing, but I redid the hardware and figured I’d try this method. I setup a threshold helper to indicate when the washer is on (the voltage goes up when the LED is on, so I set an upper limit a little less than the value it gives when it’s actually on). However, I’ve since noticed that if the LED is on (so the voltage is above the upper threshold) and the ESP happens to disconnect, the threshold helper then toggles off. I’ve verified that the actual value never changes, it just goes unavailable.

On one hand this kind of makes sense, the value isn’t above the threshold so it’s treating as such. However, it feels like this makes it pretty useless as a helper. Feels like it would only be edge cases where one would want a helper to act as though the value changed when an input goes temporarily unavailable. Here’s a screenshot to show a recent time this happened (top is the helper, bottom is the input):

Is this intentional behavior or a bug?