Tibber - Can more values be accessed?

Running the Tibber integration. It’s working well.
But, the Tibber mobile app shows more values then the HA integration.

Such as; (Solar) Production total, (Solar) production sold, ev charger effect, ev charger cost.

These values are evidently registered and/or calculated within “the Tibber frame”, and since these are the most accurate values for me as a consumer, I would prefer to import these directly as supposed to calculate them myself.

Does anybody know who i can reach out to, or if I can fetch such values by using the Tibber API?
If you recommend the API, i should say that I have tried to read up on the dev docs, but since I lack the knowledge of all such things I couldn’t get anywhere with it.

@Danielhiversen might have some insight to this?

Not exposed in the API from Tibber.