Tibber Pulse integration fails

Today my Tibber integration fails:

Logger: tibber
Source: components/tibber/__init__.py:55
First occurred: 10:37:14 AM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 10:37:14 AM

Error connecting to Tibber, resp code: 502

Is there a simple way to check if the Tibber Pulse device is working and has connection?

To the best of my knowledge, the Pulse is connected to HA via your provided wifi network.
Start with checking if your router has assigned an ip to the Pulse.
I have it setup as fixed ip address for my Pulse, and the connection itself works well.

But I instead have issues with the Tibber integration failing and stop responding… .

Tibber support told me that the easiest way to check the connection and the HAN port status is thorugh their mobile App; Consumption → then press the cogwheel (settings) icon → WiFi Signal. In there one can find the MAC address, but I could not find the IP address anywhere. However there are third party SW that can show how MAC addresses are mapped to IP addresses through DHCP.
But setting a fixed IP (non-DHCP) is difficult unless supported by the client. And I don’t think Tibber Pulse supports fixed IP.

If this is on your home router; google “set static ip” followed by your router product name.
Setting a static IP address is something I have been able to do on every router I’ve ever used the last 25 years… seriously.

and the same goes for seeing which devices that are connected to your home network.

Setting static IP on the router is no good as long as the client is set to use DHCP and your DHCP server is still running. It may work, and it may not. Upon the next IP-release it may again aquire a dynamic address.

:smiley: I don’t know what type of device you are refering to, or if you are mixing up something.
Are you mixing up your LAN and your WAN maybe?

If a device is set to acquire an ip address from the LAN DHCP server, it will be given one, if the DHCP server does not have any rules or settings that tells it not to assign such an address to that device. The default unique identifier for a device is by default the mac address of the device.

Here we have a common issue with fixed addresses for iPhones, as they have a default setting as to use random mac addresses with wifi networks.

The Tibber Pulse has no such setting, and such as, I have assigned my Tibber Pulse a fixed address that is has been using for six months now. My ip address leasing time is btw 6 minutes.

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